Book Image Licensing Plans

Whether you’re contemplating a new book, in the middle of your next book or are finished with your book and looking for that perfect image to have on your cover I can help. Working with someone that can understand your vision and capture that vision is the crowning touch on all the dedication, research and hard work you have put into creating characters and a story.

Getting the right image is just not looking at stock images but about collaborating to achieve the right mood, the look and capture an image that will stop the reader to pick up your book. An image expresses a thousand words, your book is the other tens of thousands just waiting to be read. Below are a couple of ways I can help you get the perfect image for your cover.

Custom Image Creation…..

Working together we find the right model(s) that fit your characters, plan the shots, the wardrobe and locations.  Continuous communication up to and on the day of the shoot assures you are always in control of your vision. The investment is a little higher but the results are part of your story with no compromise.

For the investment of $500.00 the following is included, shoot fee, studio fees or mileage to location within 50 miles of Phoenix, AZ, Basic Hair and Makeup if needed,a private gallery of the images to make your selection, 1 exclusive cover image and 6 non-exclusive teaser images. ( couple shoots may be slightly higher). The investment includes model fees for up to 1 model, keep in mind some models will increase the investment depending on their fee. If you have someone specific in mind please contact me to discuss the details.

Pick from Existing Stock Images…….

Working on a budget? I understand that, I’m a small business person myself. Share with me what you’re looking for and we can search the files to find what fits your vision. While this is not custom, you can be assured the image will be exclusive to your book cover and never be seen on another book cover.  

The investment for Stock images start $150.00 and up. Depending on the model(s) it could be considerably higher. Don’t let that deter you from contacting me to discuss your wants and needs for an image.



Now offering short term payment plans on all Custom and Stock image licensing agreements. Contact me for details or you can complete the form here


Never hesitate to contact me if you have any questions, I am here to help.

Please note: if the shoot is not in the Phoenix Metro area, there will be associated expenses for travel, lodging, transportation, meals and permits ( yes I obey the laws for photography). But be assured I do not expect 4 or 5 star accommodations or first class travel.