Sometimes you just know what you enjoy doing in life.


After 20 plus years in photography as a business, hobby then business again, my desire to move farther into photography has driven me to seek out new interesting subjects to work with to create.  I shoot in the evenings and on the weekends and have been currently working on some personal projects.

I’ve been fortunate in my career to work with many great people that have offered guidance
which sometimes was brutally honest. That honesty has helped me understand
that I have to be committed to my ideas and create what I like, but more importantly
to realize the ideas of others only add to what I would like to accomplish. 

Even though this is part time and more of a passion,  I’m ready to work on any idea you may have to help you and/or your business make images that leave a lasting impression on those that see

I have been published both nationally and internationally in print media and for online campaigns.

If would like to discuss your photography needs  just contact me and we will work together to get the right images for you.